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With its fine sandy beaches and rich in entertainment nightlife, Benidorm is one of the most sought after places by tourists of all ages. Its cultural activities, festivals, water sports activities and especially its quality of life is what makes Benidorm the perfect place to enjoy the holidays. Benidorm has three major beaches: Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, all having a blue flag since 1987, the highest quality standard recognized by the European Union.

Set on the Mediterranean coastal area called Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, Benidorm is the center of the bay that bears its name and thanks to this exquisite geographical position is provided with a special microclimate, which makes the winters mild and moderate and summers tempered by sea breezes. In this way you can enjoy a nature that has been mixed with the emergence of a modern and pleasant city. It is surrounded by mountains: the Tossal de la Cala to the west, the Natural Park of Sierra Helada, on the east part, Sierra Cortina and Puig Campana, to the north, protecting the city from the cold north winds, which could alter its pleasant climate. As a result, Benidorm has 3400 hours of sunshine a year.

Mild winters, soft springs, sizzling summers with lovely sunsets and late autumns, offering the visitor a seductive concert of a spectacular tone, with an atmosphere and temperatures that could rival the nicest in the world.
The best time to visit Benidorm is in between May and October, when the weather is radiant and warm most of the time. The outside temperature can reach 40 º C in August and the temperature of the sea water up to 25 º C.
For those who like things a little cooler and slower, Benidorm enjoys a steady stream of visitors during the winter months as well. In any case, thanks to its microclimate, the temperatures are significantly higher than on the rest of the coastline and the sea water is within limits that allow bathing all year round.

The city is divided into two parts, Poniente and Levante, each having a beach with the same name. Between the two beaches there is a rocky cape. The old part of the city occupies this promontory and the area immediately inland, while most of the hotels occupy the newly developed sections behind the two beaches. A few kilometers from the coast there is an uninhabited island, which provides a central part of great beauty to the coastal landscape, breaking the monotony of the sea and the sky.

Its population was 71 034 inhabitants according to the 2009 census, being the fifth largest city in the province of Alicante.
Before the decade of the '60s, Benidorm was a small village of fishermen. Today it stands out for its hotel industry, skyscrapers and beaches, all being the result of its tourism-oriented economy. The Gran Hotel Bali, a four-star hotel, located here since 2002, is a building of 186 meters high that was the tallest skyscraper in Spain for five years until it was surpassed by the CTBA towers in Madrid, and is, however, the tallest hotel in Europe.
Nowadays, Benidorm is able to provide accommodation for more than 5 million visitors a year. Is one of the most important tourist centers of Spain, with an area of 38.5 km² and a population density of 1,593.56 inhab. / Km ². Due to the unique skyline formed by its numerous hotels and tall apartment buildings, the city is nicknamed the "Manhattan of Spain" or "Beniyork."       

The vast majority of tourists do not want to leave Benidorm simply because the city has so much to offer. Along with hundreds of hotels that dominate the centre of the city there are thousands of bars, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops. The nightlife is very popular among young people and focuses mainly on the cabaret acts and tapas bars. The city is now very popular with families too, thanks to its golden beaches and good entertainment for everyone. In addition, an increasing number of elderly people, especially from Northern Europe, decide to stay here during the winter. There is a fantastic variety of entertainment that comes in every conceivable way and it’s for everyone – and it is all day and night in high season.

Down by the beach, you can practice water sports and have trips in crystalline deck boats. And on the outskirts of the city there are some very interesting attractions for the whole family. There isn’t a theme park in Spain bigger than Terra Mitica, a huge water park with wildlife and an aquatic life center. Above all, here you can find large shopping areas.
Therefore, Benidorm is the ideal place for a quality vacation, with lots of fun, laughter and a multitude of things to do. The warm weather and sandy beaches are always guaranteed.


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